Hello from Nebraska!

Hello everyone,

My name is Tyler and I’m checking in from Omaha, NE.
I am new to the industry and new to WCR but I already love it here.
I have been a little fly on the wall for the last several months, reading a ton of your posts and conversations. It’s truly inspiring and I get sucked into the forum for hours at a time just soaking up information.

Anyway, I started my window cleaning company in November of 2019 right before a long harsh winter :slight_smile:

(I think it’s important to say that I do work a day job full time, and I wash windows in the evenings and all weekend every weekend. So I’ve been working sun up to sundown, 7 days per week since spring hit.)

I did a couple of jobs in November, and then spent the entirety of the winter advertising and researching, watching videos, reading books, etc.
When the spring hit, everything kind of started happening quicker than I had expected.
My goal is to be able to quit my full-time day job and clean windows full-time.
But I’m terrified.

I believe that I am at the threshold now, and I think the fact that I could feasibly make the jump scares me for some reason.

I guess I’m just looking for anyone who has made the jump and hoping to hear some tips or advice.
Or at least some good stories!

Thank you all for your time.
I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

Hey, I got started in Omaha back in ‘96 right after separating from the USAF at Offutt.

BTW, pressure washing makes twice the money per man hour. Just saying.:ok_hand:

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No way! My wife is currently at Offutt. I moved here from Minneapolis in 2012.

Man the end goal is to get into pressure/soft washing. I want to use window cleaning income to purchase the equipment.

I feel like I’m overthinking it though…I’ve been reading and watching videos but my head still spins when I think about SH percentages and making sure that I have all of the right equipment.

Good man.:+1:

Don’t fret over percentages, it’s super easy.

Get your pool shock, 12.5%. Pour it into your tank, add a little Elemonator or Snotmenade (surfactant). Use a GP injector one size smaller than what it calls for your machine, apply with jrod and voila. $$$ in your pocket.

Granted that money flies right out with all the insurance, advertizing and nifty equipment you’ll be adding.:flushed:


You’re the man! Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Yeah It’s going to be a whole new adventure diving into that side of things, and everything is expensive!


We started just before the winter season as well, which was good and bad in a few ways. However, unlike you, we started after I was let go from work due to a restructuring. Spend time, as it sounds you do, reading and seeing other’s points of view to help you figure out your best plan of action.

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Wow, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your job. But hey, it may turn out to be a great thing! I appreciate your feedback and I look forward to seeing how you and your company progress. Good luck out there!

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Oh don’t be sorry. It happened a while ago and things are still working out great. This place is a great resource, feel free to hit up @Jersey as well if you need some help with equipment questions or even getting equipment.

shameless plug

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Glad to hear it!
Haha actually Jersey just sold me some equipment a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

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Welcome let us know if you need anything.

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Great to hear that things are picking up for you! I think one of the toughest things here in Omaha is just getting through the winter without quitting. Once spring comes the job is a piece of cake.

We’re also trying to get into some pressure washing this year; hit me up if you ever want to grab a coffee and talk business.

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Oh, forgot to add…learn screen repair. We typically get $15 for a half window screen, $30 for sliding doors. You should see what I get for porches!

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That is half the going rate compared to here in CO for screens.

Thank you!
I’ve been seeing your name all over the place so I’m glad things are going well for you too.
I’d love to get together sometime and talk.