Hello from Tampa Bay!

Hi all! What a great community this is! There is so much information here and such a wonderfully supportive group. I’ve been reading and researching here while bootstrapping things together for quite some time. All the startup behind the scenes stuff is finally complete (lic., insurance etc), now ready to get out there and make a go of this. I just wanted to say hello and thank you all for the amazing help that is here for us new startups. I’ll be working in Pasco, focusing on storefront/commercial and residential, hopefully adding pressure/soft washing before year end.

A big shout out to Luke & Reanna! Your videos are the bomb! Thank you for putting yourselves out there to help others.

Hope everyone is having a great day today!


Welcome to the forum.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Follow the money brother.

Most expensive homes in Pasco County


Thanks guys!

Thank you for this! I never thought of using Zillow. Oh, …and it’s sister :wink:

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You’re welcome…and we tend to spell funny in Pinellas County my sistah. :wink:

Welcome! From Sarasota/Venice

Thanks Samuel, Sarasota is a beautiful area.

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And talk funny at times too yo. Lol, just moved from Clearwater. Nice to meet you.

Nice to sort of meet ya’ too.
Clearwater has much prospects as well.
Lutz has some good areas but a lot of gated communities!
Best of luck in your start up.

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