Hello from The Great White North

Hello. My name is Terry and this is my first post.

This is my 14th season as a window cleaner. I am 59 years old and live in North Vancouver.

I began as a high rise window cleaner but switched to ground crew shortly afterwards and mostly Tucker-poled low-rise for 3 seasons.

I was using a 40’ ladder frequently on 4 story hand cleans and found that I was pretty wiped out at the end of most days so I left the company and worked for another that did mostly high end residential homes.

I was there for 3 seasons before starting up my own company. This is my 8th year. Most of my work is residential but I also have a few monthly stores and restaurants which help get through the winter months.

My website is: www.terryswindowcleaning.ca

I hope everyone here has a safe and profitable day!

G’ day Terry, its good to meet you, I also started with high rise did that for 12 years, as well as the frequent ladder use.

I also left to do my own thing back in 2012, been a hell of ride, but best thing I ever did

hey hoser, winnipeg here

Bonjour Terry! Great having you eh! Montréal here.