Hello from the West Coast

Hello, my name is Fonzi and I have been reading on here for a couple months now. Ive learned so much on this forum and am grateful for all the members and advice! I’m about to be 25 and have always dreamed of owning my own business.

I have worked in the agriculture sector for nearly a decade. Started when I was 14.5 to be specific working in greenhouses with cut flowers. Where I still work to this day. (Part time)

I am a part time student at a local cc, where I am continuing to expand my horticulture knowledge, along with business. I also have a couple years of coaching baseball at a local high school under my belt aswell.

A few years back I began a baseball glove company which was doing good until we were rejected our trademark. From then on I decided to call it quits for now and invest in a job where I can not only work on but build up a brand aswell.

So far I have practiced squeeging windows with an ettore kit. Still trying to figure out the best mixture for streak free cleaning. I have created a logo , shirts, and filed my dba. Met up with my tax prep and learned as to what to keep track of. I am currently in search of a vehicle that I will use for both personal and business.

Thats all I can think of right now.

Thanks in advanced.

Welcome! There is a great community here! Use the search bar if you have questions as there are some real gems throughout the years. (Of course post threads too if you need help) Best of luck!

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Very cool. I started with an ettore kit and my home windows as well. Then out door to door for my first gigs. The very first job I did turned out to be a higher wage per hour than I had ever seen. Things only improve from there.

Over time I have found the only “brand” you need to create is “that guy who makes my windows unbelievably clean.” The people who think of you that way both call you back and tell their friends to call you.

Always focus on the best possible quality work you can produce. Kaizen. Constant improvement over time.

I have to admit, it was a tough grind from time to time sticking it out through the lean years. But an excellent project to mix in with other job type income you have on the go.

Nothing like showing up to a lower wage job mid day knowing you have already brought in double what the work is about to pay.

Have fun and keep patience while your business grows.



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