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Hello all! My name is Scott Bauer I am the owner of My Window Man in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our company has been around for almost 28 years and located in Albuquerque for about 20 years. I have been cleaning windows for almost 10 years. Me and my wife took over the company 4 years ago and things are running strong. We mainly focus on residential window cleaning but we also clean most types of blinds and shades. On top of that we also sell and install custom window coverings. I dable a bit in scratch removal and WFP. I hope to make a ton of new freinds here and share some good stories. I also look forward to reciveing and sharing advice. Until next time, see you all on the other side…

Hello and welcome Scott.
Your experience and knowledge of many things will surely be a benefit to us all!

Welcome to the group. The first step in overcoming windowcleanerism is admitting that you are a window cleaner. Congrats!

Hi Scott, welcome.

Welcome , welcome!

Hi Scott,
You mentioned you do a little bit of scratch removal… What system are you using?
Oh and Welcome!

I have been using the Scratch hog from Glass technology. I have had it for about 2 years. To be honest I use it to remove hard water stains and acid burns more than I use it for scratches. It’s killer on the arms and just more work than I want to do(unless I am charging out the waazoo!)