Hello I'm just starting out

I’m new to the business of window cleaning.
For the past two and a half years I studied and worked
hard in Graphic Design.
I also did some retail.

2 weeks ago a friend introduced me to window cleaning and I do enjoy it a lot.
I’ve decided to stick to this profession.
This week I just got my tools and business cards and am ready to hit the streets!

I’m planning on hitting storefronts first.

I appreciate any tips as I do plan to be an independent window cleaner!


Hey welcome!

Its cool you can do graphic design, that will help a ton. The hardest part about this business can be marketing. that gives you a leg up.

good luck


Welcome, Dan.
Please don’t get discouraged by what you’ll probably read, but you’ll want to make sure you are set up legally to conduct business asap. Does your state require certain services to be taxed? You’ll need a tax ID if you hire anyone. Liability insurance may or may not be a law in your state but it is a VERY smart practice etc.

With all that said, you can learn about the confidence you need in your service and yourself and what Chris said- marketing. You came to the right place.

Don’t need a license. I’m from Los Angeles,CA.

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Ty for the advice.
But I don’t need a license. I’m from Los Angeles, CA.

Welcome Dan you came to the right place!..best of luck to you!

I’m from Los Angeles, CA. So no license needed here.