Hello, my name is Hugo and I'm a window cleaner

Hi there,

brand new in the business, I’m working on marketing and I just joined the WCRA.
I hope to not be a flash in the pan.

Working around the South Shore of Montreal, Canada, my clientele is mostly French speaking, which means I’ll have to translate all marketing material I use from the WCRA, hopefully it will work out ok.

I plan on doing mostly residential work and I will buy a WFP system in a few weeks, as soon as I am sure I have need for it. I think they will be useful to do sun rooms and second floor windows. Why use a ladder (which are almost half the price to purchase) when you can use a WFP?

Anyways, the forum asked me to write a self-intro so here it is. Hope you enjoyed and I’m looking forward to discussing with y’all.

Hugo at Entretien Nord Sud

Good luck!

Hi Hugo! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help navigating the forum or your WCRA membership. Good luck!


Hey there welcome to WCR!

If you ever need it, we have a guide for new members about how to use the most common forum features of the forum -

Use The WCR Forum - How To - Learn - Extras / Add Ons

Angela WCR

Thanks all.

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