Hello new window cleaner here from Aus

How you going guys,
ive bein looking for a window cleaning forum for awhile now and im glad i found this one,
im from Australia, after being a boilermaker all these years, i have now pursue a career as
a window cleaner,

I run a small little buisness, called Elite Window Cleaning & Services,
we are a home Mainteance buisness,

but we preferbly a window cleaning buisness,

Now im always looking for a way to obtain new clients,
alot of mine is word of mouth, never really advertised,
i fell into this by accident while i cleaning my windows at home, my next door neighbor came over and asked if i could do his,
i charged him $60 having no idea how much i should charge, now my buisness is still growing, one small question i do want to ask,
i am shy by nature and i feel door knocking for clients is rude and inconsiderate of there time as if they wanted a window cleaner, they would find one, but in saying that i think im just scared of door knocking and dont like that confrontation, is this normal to feel this way? and how can i overcome this?

thankyou for your time

Matt The freindly Neighbourhood window cleaner