Hello WCR!

Hello WCR and fellow Professional Window Cleaners!

My name is Frankie Garcia of [B]Clearview[/B] and this is my first post to this forum. I reside in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona where it’s sunny and warm just about nine months out of the year.

Brief Bio on me: I come from a family that has been in the Commercial Services industry here in Metro Phoenix since the late 1970’s, so I am no stranger to this type of work. I have been cleaning Store Fronts for a client with multiple locations strewn across the Valley for about five years now, part/full-time, while paying my way through College (the account actually belongs to my Father but he turns over about 75% of the revenues to his “starving student”).

Long story short (aren’t they all?), I decided to go a different direction as it relates to my career and that direction was Professional Window Cleaning. I stumbled across this fantastic website by chance and am deeply grateful that such a resource exists! I have every intention of joining the Association as soon as the cash flow permits but in the meantime can only participate as a spectator and commenter…

Because I’m still a “starving student”, my equipment is that of “Bucket Bob” and his Nephew, “Johnny Quickbuck” but I am well-groomed, professional in appearance & etiquette and my window cleaning technique is absolutely first-class (I really say so with the utmost humility). Coming from a family of service professionals, I know firsthand how to treat the client and fellow service professionals. Though I love competition in the marketplace, I always champion professional courtesy, never badmouth another business owner, nor would I want to step on anyone’s toes, so to speak.

My goals are to service Residential and larger Commercial accounts (no more storefronts!!!) and grow to a level that lands me in the top 20% of this industry (à la Brian Tracy).

Thanks again to all who have participated in past topics, they are awesome!


Frankie Garcia


Welcome, Frankie.

Welcome. Good introduction Frankie.

Do not over look the revenue stream of store fronts it can be a part of your future business goals.

Hey Frankieeee

You came to the right place Frankie!