Help! 3rd story windows

Somewhat new in the window business but loving it. Have someone wanting 3rd floor windows cleaned, sill is @ 23 ft off the concrete. What is the best wAyS and most cost effective wayS to reach these?

Are you looking to buy new equipment or use what a friend has? Will you be cleaning windows like this regularly? The answers to these questions help you see more long term on what you need.

Presently, we use a WFP. But previously used ladders, and sometimes a ladder and a pole.

My plan is to grow this business- i dont mind Borrowing or even having someOne do the 3rd story window job while I’m learning , Or even purchasing equipment. -

The base of the windows are 23 ft off the ground, so the tops are probably 27 ft off the ground. A couple windows are large so they concern me , leaving streaks and looking like crap.

If you are comfortable on a ladder than a 28 foot extension ladder will work. You can also pole them until you invest in a water fed pole system, but bear in mind, sometimes certain first cleans need you up there nose to glass. Do the windows have screens? If you can access the inside you can pull the screen from inside then go out to pole or WFP. I went years laddering 3rd floor windows before I invested in WFP. Sometimes screens were easier to just ladder up, helicopter drop the screen and scrub and clean the window while I was up there, climb down & clean the screen and climb back up to install. Just depends on the configuration and what you have or can get a hold of to do the job.

Thank you Garry for the info!


Is this residential or commercial?

High poling commercial windows takes a LOT of skill. It’s hard to do and hard to get right. So a 28’ ladder would be minimum.

For residential, if they’re sliders just pop the sliding window out and clean from the inside. If they’re double hung, you might be able to tilt the lower one in and get the top one from inside as well. WARNING: make sure the windows are in good condition before trying to tilt or pop out a window. The last thing you want to do as a new cleaner is have to deal with jacked up balancers, broken rollers, or stuck latches.

A WFP is a great investment and easier than storing/lugging around a 28’ ladder.

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Thank you. It is residential and the windows are the kind that crank out, so they arent ones that can be removed.
I like to stay as safe as possible , and off ladders whenever I can. Would a pure water system make this work safer and still provide a good service?


Some, not all, crank out windows will crank out perpendicular to the house. Often, when fully opened, you can get access to the outside through an opening between the window and the frame.

And if they are two side by side you reach out one to clean the other.

Thank you, I will take a closer look at them

When you crank them out, check the mechanism at the bottom, there may be a metal or plastic tab that lets the window go perpendicular to the house and (may) let you stick an arm through.

I will check that. Thank you!

You can also rent a ladder , at Home Depot they’re like 20-30 for the day

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28 foot ladder. HD doesn’t stock the red top ladder so it’s special order. Get a standoff as well. Worth it’s weight in gold.