Help editing PARDON THE GLARE door hanger

I have edited MANY of wcr’s fliers with with NO problems… Till now.
I am editing the PARDON THE GLARE (front side) door hanger. I have all the info changed EXCEPT…
(wait for it…) The ALL COUNTY logo!! I CANT get the ALL COUNTY logo off!!. I have NEVER had this problem before.
I have gone through ALL the layers and still that logo is on the doorhanger!..
(Got me thinking this is a secrete plot for chris to get his foot into texas marketing…heehee)
I guess i am confused cause this has never happened to me before…
Yes i have looked at the tutorials. But i am stuck. Any help UNSTICKING the ALL COUNTY LOGO would be great. THANKS!!! pax pags

I’m not sure why you’re having this problem but it could be because you’re using and not adobe photoshop. The layers are not locked and can easily be deleted in Photoshop (I just triple checked). I do know in this particular door hanger there are 3 layers of ACWC logos, so maybe you just didn’t delete them all? I highly recommend checking out photoshop for the future, if you’re using it on a regular basis then it’s totally worth it. It would definitely avoid future headaches from little things not working correctly in other programs. If there’s anything else I can do please feel free to email me at or PM me on here, or however you need, I’m always available! :slight_smile:

Hey Steph-

I have had some issues finding the correct layers to delete. I forget which card, but when I would use the pointer icon and click the spot on the card it would not take me to the layer. Any ideas?

Layer by layer uncheck the visibility ‘eye’ next to the layer. This will help you locate it.


When you click the move tool, you’ll see settings in the bar on top, with something that says Auto-Select with a box next to it on the left and a drop-down on the right with the options, layer or group. If you click the box on the left so that a check mark appears and select ‘layer’ in the drop-down from the right, it will allow you to click and select layers right on your workspace. If this isn’t checked, you can only select layers through the layers palette. Which you can absolutely do what Rivet0r has suggested and use the layers palette do ‘hide’ each layer to see what you’re working with. I hope this helps!

I have unchecked ALL the visibility tabs and the only things left are dotted lines outlining the doorhanger pattern
( a blank door hanger) with the allcounty logo there in a field of white.
I guess I will try downloading it again
Can’t afford Photoshop yet, but I may have to try a free version…
Will keep youse updated. Pax

Thanks cleared up my issue.

Well it’s close to 11pm and I FINALLY got it!!
I ended up deleting the " pardon the glare" doorhanger and paint. Net off my computer then redownloaded both and
BOBS UR UNCLE. Finally got it to work!!
Thanks for the help everyone!!!
Pax pags