Help! I think I ruined my boss’ BMW! (Windshield)

Last week my boss asked me to refill his car with windshield washer fluid. So I did.
Today, he tells me that his windshield fluid has been soapy and now the glass had weird white film from it and to please windex it.
I went to do so and windex did zero to clean it. I noticed that the entire car had little white spots: all the windows, moonroof glass, back window, and the entire surface on the paint.
I went to go look at the label of the windshield wash fluid… to discover it was Power Washing Fluid. So that is what had been coming out of the Windshield washing fluid tank, and gotten sprayed while the vehicle was in motion, spewing it all over everything.

Now, there are windshield wiper track marks, making semicircle markings into the glass. And also a dripping pattern; like a water droplet drip stain pattern. Its white and hazy.

Does not remove with my fingernail or any degreaser, window cleaner, goo gone, goof off!, glass cooktop cleaner, or razor blade I tried today. Using regular towel, newspaper, microfiber towel, toothbrush, cooktop scrubbie (a scouring pad, type of Brillo designed to scrub off stove cooktop markings, so is course).

After a car wash, and multiple goings over with as much pressure as my arm could supply— it was lifting off of the paint and most of the glass. (Whew!)
But as for the windshield… nothing has helped to lift any of it.

It seems to be a chemical “etching” into the glass where the power washer fluid dried, bonding it into the glass in these patterns.

I’ve been reading on several forums and there are lots of opinions and products listed by various people but no consensus in general.

I did buy from Home Depot today, an adapter for a power drill and “metal/plastic” buffing pads… but after doing more research I don’t think those things would help me much.

He does not want to file a glass claim.
Stated the windshield (for his BMV suv) is a $1500 windshield.

I contacted the company of the liquid… no suggestions and will get back to me. “Splash” is the brand.

I would VERY much appreciate any help or advice to lift this “staining” from the windshield. Any help or advice at all.

Someone said focus on how to remove sodium silicate.

I don’t know which direction to head down first.