Help! Just starting out

I’ve been cleaning windows and pressure washing since 2000 but just started up my own company after working for a company for years. I need as much help with advertising as possible on a limited income. I’m located in NJ.

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Low budget advertising that works for me is walking through the door of businesses with my business card and giving a quick blab about my services and availability, preferably to the owner or the manager. The inexpensive magnet on my vehicle has also produced a good rate of return.

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Thank you. I just received my business cards and magnets for my truck. I’m more then capable of doing the work I just need to get my foot in the door

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I have been getting a good bit of work from Facebook just putting ads up in the yard sale and trading groups on there

Thumbtack is cheaper than Home Advisor but both work, albeit pricey. You can get a lot of leads with those two services. Just watch Home Advisor they can cost you a ton if not done right.

I was talking with home advisor today. They want $287 down plus around $15
per lead. I was a little skeptical about it. I’ve used thumbtack but I
barely get anything. Maybe 1 out of every 10 bids

Make sure the cost of the leads are financially beneficial to you and your business. If you have to contract to pay even if you aren’t making money, then do it the old fashioned way, do the cold calling and footwork yourself.
Especially as a new business starting out the last thing you need is more money going out than coming in. Don’t rely on just one avenue of finding jobs.

The cheapest & most effective form of advertising is often just pounding the streets.
Knock on doors - ask if they want a window cleaner,… walk into businesses during quiet times and ask if they need a cleaner,… costs nothing but time.

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The more people know that you are there the better.

  • Letter/logo shirts “Window cleaning and number” on the back (easy to read from far away!)

  • Yard signs

  • Pounding the pavement introducing your yourself and your services to people

I hope these simple and cheap ideas help you become success at gaining some clients to get the ball rolling!

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There are loads of free things you can do online too which will all support your website ranking when funds allow that to be developed:
Facebook business page
Twitter page for the business
Google+ business page
Google My Business map listing
Register with any free online directories you can find etc etc