Help like my Facebook page?

i want to get in on this “like” party

i “like” all you guys. no… i mean i [I]really[/I] like all you guys.

(click FB link in sig below :cool:)

I need some liking also, I just liked everyone on this thread.

Edit to say I know my window pic is blurry I’m looking for a better one, everything out that window is dead right now.

[MENTION=29019]EpicWindowCleaner[/MENTION] Think you missed mine Redirecting...


heres mine: Redirecting...


Hers mine: Redirecting...



heres mine: Redirecting...

Facebook is whack…you need to get on with WUPHF…

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Just started a Facebook page for my business. Could use a few likes from professionals like you!

I have liked everyone on this page :slight_smile:

Will be posting pictures of some of the jobs in Canada that I do so could be interesting for everyone outside of Canada.

Liked. :slight_smile:

Mine is Facebook

Post a link so we can give your FB a look and then a “Like”!

Did you ever figure out why??

I guess that Fb was just testing it out and only chose certain businesses to do it. Eventually they all switched over

Fb is finicky I was on page 1 for google for my biz page right with another local window cleaner here…

and then last thurs I went from page one to not showing up at all (his is still there) unless you type in my Fb biz page directly in the browser…:confused:

My fb has more likes and more active content…Hmmm.

Haven’t really done much on my facebook page for my two locations but would love some likes. Maybe some Google and FB likes on my website?
I’ll make sure to comb this thread and return the favor!

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Going through the thread giving out likes at the mo. :slight_smile:

My FB page is: Facebook

Alot of people here when searching their own webpages etc wont get natural results they think they are looking at, they will get artificial search results.

Make sure you have deleted all your cookies, browser cache etc before doing these type of searches, otherwise you wont get natural results.

If you have visited your own pages regularly, they will always artificially appear in the top of the page results because the browser knows what types of sites you like to visit and will put those before any natural ranking search pages.

I have searched mine, and i was on the first page at the top, when i did this. After realising what i was doing i was on page 5 for natural results.


Whenever you’re doing research for your site, use this adwords tool

Yeah tried that same results no where to be found through the organic search example words “window cleaning moses lake” for my FB page.

Website is page 4 slowly climbing.

I was just curious why my Fb went from page 1 to never never land…And the other local guys Fb is still laying on the first page…less likes and less updated content.

thanks for the info Chris.

thanks Tim I have tried that!

still doesn’t answer the question, Why the Fb page went from page 1 to never never land.