Help like my Facebook page?

Was going to see if maybe you guys could help out a bit and go like my Facebook page! I’ll do the same for you! This could get me the jump start I need.


I just gave you a like… here is mine Redirecting...


liked 2 both

Thanks Steve! I liked yours as well!

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Liked :). Facebook

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Thanks Josh! I’ll go like yours as well!

It is coming up as “Page not found” :confused:

this link stuff never works for me …

Josh Rouse Derby NY

had an extra dot in there

Josh Rouse Derby NY

I believe those links are only viewable when YOU are logged into your own facebook. The “https” before the url means secure, meaning only the person logged in can view it. I think…

I’ll try searching for you!



it should work now if you’re logged into to fb. thanks man

Josh Rouse Derby NY

Liked your page. Here is mine.

Liked your page.


Josh Rouse Derby NY

Wow! 1,500+ likes? That’s amazing. Well I just gave you another one.

I just hit the like Steve

Heres mine: Redirecting...

[MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION] How come your fb page has reviews and stars? I cant figure out why mine doesnt

Because I’m good like that…LOL:rolleyes:

Tim, Seriously I have NO idea How that works…I just really appreciate the 5 Star ratings that I have [MENTION=5152]wws[/MENTION]!!