Help me choose a logo

Got my initial drafts for some logo ideas. Which ones do you like or hate? Tell me why…

Does a logo make a difference if you are the business?

#1 or #5 are show what you offer. I think #5 is better option as #1 could be confusing for customers not aware of wfp systems.

The last one!

I think 3 or 5

  1. Metal bucket and brush - people might think you scrub windows with the brush
  2. I don’t really like the arrows
  3. yellow in the squeegee area…I would keep it just light blue
  4. The guy looks as if he is playing with himself. Also, people might think you wash down the glass with a hose
  5. Too dark. I would use brighter colors.

I think awhile back, there was a thread on here about what makes a good logo.
I think basic stuff like bright colors, some windows, a squeegee…there was more.
A search might locate it.

#5 I think it would look great on your trailer. But Lighter colors would look even better.

I like 5, but agree with using brighter colors

The last one

Number 2.

I think the best one was 3. Number 1 looked chinese to me but with a little tweaking would be the best. The last one made me think you installed windows at night and the one with the hose pfft…but if that was a squeegee or something it would be ok.

edit: You know I looked at your website and I like the logo you already have better then any of these. Maybe if the centre word “window” was a little bolder compared to the surrounding words to make it stand out more, maybe if it was capitalized or something. It looks a little too much like a hard to read web address but still good.


I really don’t like any of those, I think the one you already have is better. Why do you want to change?

the face in #1 creeps me out

#5, although I think the squeegee connected to the Y makes it look like a vacuum head rather than a squeegee. Maybe some sort of slogan under ‘that window guy’ will make it clearer you clean windows rather than install them? I like the one of your website at the moment too.

Thanks for the responses. I’m looking for something that will go on shirts and hats a lot better than the one on the website.

If it is for shirts and hats I would pick #3 for the hats and #3 for the front of the shirt and #5 for the back of the shirt. You have a lot less space on a hat so #3 would use the limited space of the hat better. Most people will see the back of the shirts when you guys are working which is where #5 would look better because it is bigger and someone seeing you working would be able to see the company name better.