Help, my ladder is whistling!

The other day, my ladder started whistling like a banshee… read more

Thanks. Great ideas. Wish I’d thought of them.

Nice website…

I always used to do that trick… I would just leave a couple open at the top to occasionally stick something in there if I needed to while on the ladder.

I remember that problem…was annoying ass hell…lol

I’ve thought of doing that. Is there any negative effects from doing it?
I have honestly stopped noticing it but my wife hates it.

Your ladder is whistling because of vibration (harmonic balance). Strap your ladder down tighter and the whistling will stop

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You can shift your ladder further back on the rack and this will stop the vibration as well. The rear of the ladder may need a flag connected if it is 3’ past the tailgate. We had the same problems with our aluminum ladders.

thats a good idea, my ladders whistle like a banshee but i thought there was no solution to it. the faster you drive the louder the whistle!

I’ve had this same problem for 15 years and finally spoke to my friend who is an engineer about it. I said there must be something we can make to stop the whistling noise. He took on the challenge and we created a ladder cap/plug to plug up the holes on the ladder.

After a year of prototypes and planning, we now have a product ready for purchase to solve this problem. For a small investment you can end that noise for the lifetime of your ladder! We’ve just launched this week and to celebrate we are offering free shipping within Australia. Just enter freeship23 into the coupon section of the checkout page to redeem.

We would love you to check out our online shop at


I can’t believe someone actually made this. Bravo!


Thanks Chris - great to hear the feedback.

After much development, we’ve been able to create a product that works in both hemispheres. Amazing, right? We also ship to the US and Canada. You can grab a set of Northern Hemisphere compliant ladder plugs on our website.


Just get a can of great stuff spray foam insulation and scary a little in each hole. $5.00


but what tune is it whistling?

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