Help NEEDED bidding FedEx Fleet!

I was called last week to submit a bid on FedEx fleet of
vehicles. I am bidding on step up trucks, straight trucks,
and a semi.

Does anyone have experience working with FedEx? I would
also love any help or advice I could get on what my pricing
should be on the different vehicles.

I’m not sure where the market is at for this type of work and
would appreciate any insight I get.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with fleet washing. PWI Forum and the grime scene have fleet washing areas.

Don’t know if this helps, but I used to get my semi washed (tractor and 45ft stainless tanker) for about $40 from Blue Beacon. Just a soap spray, scrub and rinse.

Kyle, do you have fleetwashing experience? Per piece, prices are low. You need specialized equipment and a really fast system. I don’t do them but I have a good friend who does.

I’ll send him a link to this thread. Maybe he will chime in.

Thanks Thad, that would be great. I do not have a ton of experience washing fleets but I have
been washing heavy machinery for some years now.

I am currently looking at purchasing a hot water pressure washer which would eventually get mounted
to a trailer set up. I think that should be more than enough to handle this fleet cleaning.

Anyone else have any idea on pricing? I see on some Delux Cleaning Supplies website they quote a
step up van to $21…I’m guessing this is a little high and was thinking more like $8-10.

Am I off base here??

I have a friend who does a Fedex fleet. I think he’s in the $12-15 range per truck. Good gig! It’s inside a big warehouse 12 months a year and every week or two. I’m hoping he gets bored with it and hands it to me.

Very cool, Kyle.

Sorry, I have zero experience with this.

That was him that called and left a message yesterday. Call him back and he’ll give you the skinny.

Try pwi , I know at least two guys there washing fed ex . Possibly a private message to get the real answer. I’ll text a couple of them. Most likely they won’t login . Maybe they will read and text me something real

I do fedex. I’d be glad to help you out with what i know. Its a pretty good account to have.

Great first post, Ronnie!

I met Ron at the roundtable this last weekend, great guy.

Good meeting you too!! Good times

i was wonderimg the same! UPS called me wants a bid i am clueless on how much to bid!