Help needed with WFP setup!

What do I need to change? I have installed a 125 gal tank in my van. It came with a 2inch opening that we downsized to a 1inch garden hose female fitting then a double male 1inch garden hose size, and then down to a 3/8" barb to fit into the 1/2" od 3/8" id hose which goes to the inlets of the dual pump box and matches the size hoses used in the dual pump box on the pumps.

Then the first 20 feet out of the pump box we have an air hose 1/2" od and 1/4 id then it goes into my pole hose which is 3/8" od and the same 1/4" id.
But the water out of my pole just clears the brush head by inches, making it very hard to get a good rinse under the top of the frames and tough to keep from hitting the clean glass with the brush bristles.
the flow on the pump goes from 0 to 99 and even at 95 the water is not getting out the way it should. Others have told me that their pump set on 50 does fine will squirt out 3 to 4 feet before dropping off.
What do I need to change?
Need Help Please!

From what I see this pump box has two pumps right? Are you just running one pump? You should be getting great flow at brush. Make sure you do not have a air lock. The way to fix and air lock is to connect the hose to the tank where you have the split to the water faucet. Turn the water on and the pump on. This will blow any air out. See how you flow is at the brush. Hopefully Shawn will help you with this. He knows more about this product.

Hey John Lee, Yes this is a dual pump set up that is why we are using the Y hose split. You may be right about the air lock thing. We just got one pump only up and running on a lunch break. We had trouble getting it to prime, and what was going on, the hoses attached to the pump were in place but we found about half of them were not pressed all the way into place. After we solved the problem we were running late to our next house job, so we said let’s go, one pole running for now will do! This is when we noticed a problem with the flow as I described.
What I am wondering now after your comment, is was the other Y valve open to the non-primed pump? If so maybe this was the issue. Maybe some of the pressure was being lost through the non primed pump with air gaps!
We have both pumps primed now, but have not had time to test it through the pole yet, as it was the end of the day, the family had plans so we left it set.
Thanks John Lee

Is that a Tucker brand pole?

Are you using the original 1/4" flow screws?

If so, get the smaller flow screws and it will fix your problem.

Yes it is a Tucker, and I bought it off of a former window cleaner who only cleans offices now, He had this pole in storage for 4 years, so I assume it is the original flow screws. I have tried to find a smaller version for water saving, and to get more pressure, but I was told that Tucker does not make them anymore.
Do you know where I can find them?


RHG sells them, so I’m sure WCR can make them available to you.

Hey Matthew, as per our PMing, I’m on it.

Thanks Alex!

Now that you are running a van mounted system air locks will happen on occasions. Just hook the pumps up to a faucet and blow the air out and it will work fine. Can you send me some pics of your tank and how you set it up in the van?

Here are some pics, I will have a step by step YouTube Video in the next few weeks if you follow me. I will likely post it on the forum as well.
Shawn said that I needed to get the smaller flow screws for the Tucker pole and it would solve the problem.
Alex is placing the order tomorrow!
Thanks for your help John Lee!