Help on 23000 french panes bid

I have to bid on a building that has nothing but french pane windows on the 4th/5th/6th/7th/8th story’s. 23000 of them to be exact. How much should I charge for exterior cleaning only? Thanks.

I would use a lift. Brush the windows from the lift, and then have a pump to pump fresh DI water up to you to rinse. You could use a WFP to clean the windows for the 5th floor and below, but if you already have a lift there, I’d take full advantage of the lift.

Where are you located? Sorry, I can’t help with pricing, there is too many unknowns to help with that.

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One of the WFP’s best applications is on french panes, provided that the windows are newer and the ledges aren’t too deep. With this many surfaces, I would base the bid on time and not on a pane count. Can you post a picture of this to give us a better idea?

So this is the building Plaza 2/25/2007 | I got a great day to get this b… | Flickr. This is the first for me I am used to residential and some 4 story commerical.

All the windows are brand new.

I am located in the DFW are in Texas

Here’s an idea. Put your pure water system on the roof and use a short wfp to do floors 6, 7, and 8 from a lift. Then move the system to the ground and use a longer pole to do the lower 5 floors. Build the cost of the poles, system, and lift rental right into the job. For the exterior only you could charge $13,800 which is only $0.60 per pane. Pretty cheap for high work but made easier when you use the WFP system. Just some numbers to work with!

I would charge nothing because I would tell them to go to hell with that many french panes!! I hate those, great money, but hate them ha ha

bout $18,000 = 240 hrs