Help w hibachi restaurant grease please!😂

Hey guys… I have run into an issue I cannot get clean. The glass is tinted and on the inside of a hibachi restaurant. Grease is from the cook tops and is dotted all over.

Gg4 won’t touch it. These pics are after cleaning twice. I read on here tsp works… if that is so what is the proper ratio for tinted windows? Thanks boys!

I use TSP at one tablespoon per gallon as recommended by @Samuel. I suppose a higher concentration would be worth a try.
I haven’t used TSP on tinted windows FWIW.


If these are FILM tinted glass, I don’t touch them myself because the film damages so easy.

IF this is color tinted glass, then you should be able to use anything that is safe for glass on it.


They are definitely the film variety. Just getting going and really want to keep this account as I grow rather than walk. Already had to walk on a cell store yesterday that agreed to 90 first clean and 40 month for 6 panes due to crazy tint issue covered in tape residue. Is this pretty common to have to walk on jobs or ar least interior due to tint. I have not run into this in the last four or so weeks I have been in business. But I have had two now in one day.:joy: just curious what others do in these situations. Thanks a bunch! Y’all rock!!

I would try to talk them into removing the tint and installing some type of blind if they need shade. Let them know that film damages very easy and there is nothing really that you can do to clean off the grease.

Let them be the one to decide how you should proceed in the future.


I put extra soap in my squirt bottle for these stops. That’s the benefit of a squirt bottle over putting soap in the bucket: you can control the amount of soap at each stop.

Heavy grease = heavy soap.


Thanks guys. I got some tsp and added a dash o dawn. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.:+1:

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So I mixed 3 hot gallons h20 w 3 tablespoons tsp and two second squirt of dawn. It worked fairly well but still had to wash twice and hand scrub several areas. Thanks for the advice. On a side note… tsp left a milky film that was easy to get off after drying but definitely isn’t there with the ole gg4. I’m going to try and stay away from tsp unless I absolutely have to get it out for grease removal.