Help with a window

I have an inside front door window of an office that I cleaned and used steel wool to clean but didn’t realize that there was a double layer of protective film and now has scratches. I started it and dug myself into a hole of taking it off. I’m using a razor with soap and water and trying to pull it off as much as I can but very slow progress. It’s cold outside and I think would be a lot easier in summer. I’ve done protective film removal before and was a lot more pliable and easier to remove but I think this is from the factory as the film goes inside the frame. I suggested to the owner that he call a company that has a proper heat gun and specializes in this but if not I’m the one taking it off. I’m about 1/4 of the way and will take hours. Any suggestions

by protective film do you mean the security shatterproof type of films to prevent vandalism and smash and grabs etc?

I’m assuming you’re talking about tint ?
Use a heat gun and razor blades. 6” blades. Make sure you use a new blade; and change them as needed. Ya not fun , to remove it. You’re going to have to call a tint Company anyway to replace it, so see what they charge to remove it.

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I believe that’s what it’s used for and makes sense now.

That makes sense and wasn’t sure why it was used. Thanks

Suggestion: call the tint company. First time I wrecked tint was the last time I tried to fix it myself.

I was able to find a company that removes and installs window tinting. Cheaper than me and can unload this headache to them.

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