Help with low-e pella windows

Hey guys if i overlooked the answer to this question please forgive me.

I have a residential job that has low-e pella windows. The low-e is in between the panes AND on the interior surface.

What can be used to construction clean them?
The pella guy told me to use stainless steel cleaner. He claims the company suggest this.
I have cleaned a lot of glass and never heard of this.

Anyone with experience construction cleaning low-e surfaces please advise.

Sorry, never heard of the coating being on, what is that pane 1 or 4? They are supposed to be on 2 and 3. I thought I remember Tony saying that if that was the case its the company trying to cover up bad glass?? Ask Tony. He would know.

Pella Low E is usually on the seal side of the Pella insert (Storm). It really sucks when the painters remove them to paint or stain the windows in between leaving their painted finger prints all over the insides. Ive seen this stuff so many times, I’ve lost count. You can use a product called Copper Glo that will get those marks off. You can find it at most grocery stores. Steel wool is a definate no-no. It will leave black lines all over the place.


I have heard of these nightmares. I wouldn’t touch them. Pella did this so their inferior product wouldn’t lose it’s energy rating.
You can try some of the chemicals suggested but make sure no metal comes in contact w/ the low-e or it’s ruined.

we did a house yesterday with these windows. they had been installed just a month ago but they had this haze to them and some weird defect where the sticker had been, hard to describe, but they do suck… especially the interiors

I was working on some of these earlier. I used steelwool on one. This made it look like crap. I got on here looking for a magic bullet cure. Needless to say when I read Tonys comment my heart sank. I called Pella to find out if it could be fixed. The very nice service guy said they use Liquid (not the powder)Bar Keepers Friend. My wife drove all over town looking for it so I didn’t have to leave the job. It worked!!! Now if I could only figure out something to get off paint overspray.

I would say that “something” that gets over spray off is call “the painters”. I wouldnt bend over backwards to solve that problem. You’ll get left holding the bag with damage to the Low-e coating. I would rather try to remove peanut butter from saran wrap than deal with that situation. Its their baby not yours.


I agree. It’s a poor design and improper work by the subs so let the guy that created the disaster (either made the product or got stuff on it) deal w/ it.

Way ahead of you on that. I showed the home owner the overspray. I tould her what Pella told me which is that I could scrape it then use the barkeepers friend to remove anything that might leave behind. He had a tone to his voice that said to me you could try this… but you might void your warranty. I suggested calling the contractor. The contractor showed up before I was done. I tould them I could try the scraper idea but with the understanding (in writting of course) that I’m not liable. We’ll see what hapens. She had to talk to her husband.

Low-E, sloppy painters, in a way I’m glad I don’t deal with Pella products on a daily basis anymore.

that’s easy… use your mouth ;)… anyhow, I’m glad I haven’t dealt with this stuff yet

exactly… Spoke w/ a painter earlier 2day about all the paint on a bunch of cutups. His reply was " oh thats no problem we will remove the paint, we do it all the time" I asked him if he was aware of fd and oh hell 2 the yea they knew about it… not an efn chance they even heard of it. I don’t even pursue it w/ these kind of contractors any more. Waste of time doing so.