Help with some paper work

Hi all, Just starting my own business part time washing windows, I have about 3 years of prior experience working for a different
company locally. I left 4 years ago to search out other options, but the windows have called me back again. This time I’m gonna
go solo, and Ive got a couple of questions.

I’m in the process of being hired by to clean 8 Hardees owned by the same person in my area.
My question is in the past they had a bad habit of not paying on time or even for a couple of
months with the company I worked for before. I can’t afford for them to be doing that to me.
Should I get them to sign a contract or something ahead of time?
Or just stop cleaning if they get behind a month or two?
This would be a great first client and I don’t want to offend them with a contract, but I want to protect myself also.
I’m not even sure if contracts is something that goes on in the window washing biz.

                                                               Thanks for help regardless

Yes have the sign a service agreement. Waiting on payments is part of running a business. If your payment terms are net 30, and payment has not been received on that 31st day, the payment is late. Hound them until you get it (thats about all you can do). If you charge them a late fee, there not going to pay it and they will find someone else to do the work…