Help with thread size

I wish to find/make a adapter but don’t know the thread sizes
What size thread is on the end of a plastic under tip &
What size thread does a RHG boarshead wfp brush have?

Ok I found out that the unger tip is 3/4 acme thread?
How bout the RHG BRUSH?

Once you get to WFP fittings it appears to be perhaps a metric pipe thread, it has a considerable taper and I don’t think that you will be able to match it easily. Chris and Alex sell an adaptor that snaps on the end of an Unger pole and changes to WFP threads.


most extension poles, scrub brushes, painting tools - they all use an acme type thread

I don’t wish to speak with any authority, however I believe Shawn to be correct untill you come to the end of a WFP. Then you change over to as best as I can tell a pipe thread. In fact I just tried to fit the adaptor that I mentioned previously with a 1/2" pipe fitting and it is the approximate diameter but a different pitch.

Has anyone come across a way to attach a waterfed gooseneck and brush to an extension pole?