Help with water access point

Doing a bid on a multi-unit project in an urban area. No water spigots anywhere on the property, and the only thing I’ve found are these:

The property manager wants the windows pressure-washed (I’m proposing using a WFP for better results in my bid), so I’d need water access somehow.

Anyone familiar with these? And can I hook up a hose to them?

wow, I feel like an idiot.

I was finally able to find out what these are. Turns out they’re “water pipe curb boxes” that allow someone to gain access to the main shutoff valve for the building. Not a good place to try and tap into a water source!

Most buildings have a spigot on the wall somewhere that requires a 4-way key.


Ask the property manager where the spigots are if any at all. A lot of times they have to ask the engineers . Someone has to know .
Sometimes there inside

I brought this up to the manager. She thought it was pretty funny and said, “yes, there are other water sources besides fire hydrants. lol!” And that the grounds guy will show me where to connect a hose.

Hey, live and learn.

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Beware some of those “grounds spigots” usually are on or off - meaning off or full blast!

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