What would be the right soap for

In the above post I had stated that I was trying to find a way to modify the Unger Ergo Tec zero degree swivel handle so it would be a quick release handle, eliminating the need to use a screwdriver & pliers to change rubber blades.

I’ve had an Ettore “Super System” handle in my junk box for several years. I took the quick release (screws and lever mechanism) off of it and put it on the Unger zero degree swivel handle so it is now a quick release handle.

Works like a charm! The Unger Ergo Tec zero degree swivel handle has eliminated my need for any other swivel and/or ledger types of squeegees.

A straight pole with the Unger Ergo Tec 0 degree swivel sqeegee is so versatile that you won’t need any other specialty squeegees, handles, or curved poles.

The only drawback to the Unger Ergo Tec 0 degree swivel handle was that it was a pain to change rubber blades.

That can be improved with this simple (and not so expensive) modification.

Just thought I’d share this with you other Unger 0 degree swivel handle users.

anything with some glide (dishsoap, GG, etc)

Rubber on glass is rubber on glass, no soap, no glide. I do not care what brand of squeegee.

I like green apple palmolive, works good and smells great.
I use dawn sometimes and have tried some ettore stuff too.

I like the Palmolive better because it is a wee less harsh on the skin.

They all clean the same.

How does it compare against the commercial grade solution? How about glide?

I’ve never tried any of that stuff. I go to Dollar General and pick up 2-3 things of large Palmolive and Dawn bottles.
Walmart sells Palmolive and Dawn for like $3 each…Dollar General, exact thing $1 each; adds up at the end of the year:)

Saving up for one of them there 30 packs with the cardboard?

what do you mean?
you can buy 30 in a box?


I have not tried Glide, just GG4. Dishsoap and GG4 are 2 different animals, but both clean windows. It is preference.

Dishsoap of course is more messy and not great if you pole windows in the sun. GG4 is less messy and better in the sunlight. The glide is not as good and I used to hate this product because of it. I am now used to it and use GG4 alone and do just fine.

It may seem more expensive to buy GG products, but it is VERY concentrated and a gallon lasts a while.

I think you can get a free sample from Titan for GG3-GG4. Try them out, but be more open minded than I was when I did it.

i like ivory dish soap, but found when using squeegees and my BOAB that the squeegee always ended up leaving sud trails behind it because the buildup of suds in the squeegee slot on the BOAB. I now use Ettore Squeegee Off, and like it, good glide, cuts dirt, and minimal suds, but enough to see where youve been.

"Ettore Squeegee Off"
I’ve tried that, thought it sucked.

I found the cleaning power really bad, I was spending double the time on a window. Perhaps its OK if you are doing monthlies or less?

I feel like you have to use soo much of it.

I’m surprised you find Ettore soap not strong enough…although i have to admit since they started offering the bigger bottles of it it seems different…

I’ve tried 2 different sizes of bottles, maybe thinking it was a bad batch or something, and same results. Not impressed. At least my Green Apple Palmolive smells good.

see and ive used palmolive too, and did not like it one bit…maybe the water hardness or softness in some areas makes soap react differently too. One i did like but could not deal with the smell was easy glide by unger.
Meh, whatever works in our each area, is what we should use. The whole soap conversation can go one forever! lol

True. Climate, water, glass and squeegee technique could all affect the out come.