Helpful Hints on Removing old or damaged Anti-Graffiti Film

Question – We have a job that has old anti-graffiti film and need to get it removed. We’ve been using a large 6 inch blade to remove it but that is very time consuming. I’m thinking that there must be a better way. I thought you might have some ideas on how to quickly remove it. Thanks for your help.

You can try your luck with a heat gun.

Better have lots of blades and charge 3-4 or more to do it !!! not fun !! Stan, Pro Window Kleening for 27 years a

Wouldn’t a heat gun melt the glass?? Or do they work at variable heats? Would a hair dryer give off enough heat to take off the film but not harm the glass?

Wow, that’d be a pretty serious heat gun ;). The only danger i can see with a heat gun would be personal safety (not burning yourself) and heat fracture in the glass from the temp changing too quickly (dont spray it with water to cool it down- but u probably already knew better)
I wish u success on your task :slight_smile:

Whoa, a heat gun… not a torch ;). Let the film talk to you as far as how much heat works best for its removal. Haven’t used a heat gun before? Maybe look up some vids on youtube or something, it’s not difficult and you’ll quickly know what I’m talking about, it’s all about the feedback the film is giving you!

Call in the tinter.

Score it, saturate the surface with ammonia, cover with plastic to assist with dwell time, start it with your blade, then try to peel off in large, long strips.

Or, call Dan Fields. He’s into graffiti film and scratch removal big time these past few years.

Is there really a difference with removing grafitti film and tint film? The amonia and newspaper method.

I’m sure u can utube the process.

This is a bunch of BS is their no one that cares enough to share the answer

I do not see you sharing, just an insult. A good way to start as a new member. Thumbs up to you my friend.

I like to use U_tube, just searching, or just talk to a good tint shop. You can get good answers from these sources.

A few people shared their answers. Welcome to the forum.