Here it comes! 3 degrees!

Our coldest morning this year. -16 C or 3 F. Utilizing those Kenai Gloves and my Starbucks card!!

It’s supposed to get close to 60 today… It was in the 20’s going into the work week.

Gotta love Texas, 76 today!

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Rub it in! I had to knock ice off a glass canopy so I could WFP!

I feel for you up there in Canada. Here it is going to be rainy today but the last few days it has been about 68 and beautiful.

No way youll ever see me cleaning windows under 25°F

You guys are nuts up there :slight_smile: stay warm!

Really? That temperature is not that low

[SIZE=3]Here in Australia 35C / 95F.

There were other places that recorded OVER 40C / 104F.


I am jealous

You won’t see me doing it under 40 :smiley:

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