Here we go

Hi folks. I’m Bill - go figure. LOL I have my crew assembled and we’re ready to get to work.

Kelly’s doing some of the initial admin legwork (insurance, licensing and bond). She has a strong and diverse business/management background as well as customer service and is no stranger to home cleaning. She’s lived in the area for 20+ years, and is well connected to the business (especially real estate) community.

Bill (the other Bill) has also lived in the area for 20+ years and also has diverse business and personal connections here. His business exposure is principally in the construction industry.

I’m relatively new to this area and feel fortunate to be able to bring Kelly and Bill on board to help launch this venture. My background is business management, personnel and customer service/sales. I’ve been cleaning glass using professional equipment and techniques for about 10 years, but this will be my maiden voyage into it as a business, and I’m counting on you folks to help keep us on an even keel and the right heading!

I’m about to place an initial order for equipment and supplies and want to get some feedback about brands. Which forum would be the best to initiate that dialogue?

Hey Bill.

First off, best of luck with the new venture, window cleaning is an interesting business.

I get the question, which brand is the best pretty often and its really subjective. Each of the brands that we offer are top notch and completely geared toward professionals. That being said, stroll through the store and check out videos and reviews, you will even find threads on the forum about many of the tools we offer.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions on any of the products we offer myself of John Lee are here to help get you on the right track.

Bill, you in the Space Coast, Florida?

Yep - Cocoa (mailing address)

Hey Bill Welcome!