Here you go new swivel squeegee in action (Non Wagtail Squeegee)

Revolutionary swivel window squeegee in action.
No more cramping hands, fingers, wrists or shooting pain through forearms up to the shoulders.


So I’m trying to see how this is different from the other swivels on the market, like the wagtail. It looks like you’re not twisting your wrist quite as much as with a wagtail, but I can’t see how or why that is the case.

Would you say this handle requires less pressure to operate? Does it require using a particular channel to achieve that result? It looks like you’re using widebody channels.

I’m definitely interested in trying it out!

Side question: now that you’ve revealed the design, does this mean that your patent(s) have gone through?

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First you can use any type of squeegee channel on it as it has a universal clamp holds just about any channel on the market.
And the (patented swivel movement) gives you equal pressure on the squeegee channel no matter what angle you using the handle at.
The bearing like movement will not loosen up like all the other ones ether.
Any squeegee channel can be used to give you the same result.
The handle it self is held more economically as well check the ways we can hold it as using.


This is beautiful in so many ways. Unfortunately I’m not really a swivel kind of person. I’ve tried them and I see the benefit, but not for me.
Also I believe you mean ERGONOMICALLY

Keep changing the future of window cleaning!
Stay safe and get cleaning my fellow window cleaners!

Nothing hard about using this one though because you can grip the way it is comfortable for you.
Although know what you mean this is much easier to use then the others.
Enables you to use it in a more natural way without all the discomforts the other swivel squeegees.

So in another thread I asked if you could lock the swivel in like you can with the execellerator, you seemed to imply that you can, it doesn’t really look like that is a function from these pics.

So can or can you not lock the swivel in place like the excellerator?

There is no need to lock it.
You mean straight pulls high and low windows/glass??
Will make another video showing how to use for straight pulls.:wink:

@HE_MAN Good job bro, I know that you’ve been working on this for awhile, its nice to finally see it in action. You say that there’s no more cramping hands, fingers, wrists, ect. but my question is, what kind of medical data or I guess hand and wrists specialists opinion can back up what you’re saying?

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Good question, have no medical data at all.
Does this mean it doesn’t work?
Is there any medical data on how to improve how to hold/grip a squeegee handle??
So not get it in the first place?
They don’t do window cleaning how would they know that?

No Herman I do not wish to do straight pulls like I said originally I would only be interested in this if it was capable of locking to be not a swivel squeegee, not everyone wants a squeegee that swivels, this is what I was asking in your other thread.

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As said you can still use like a fixed squeegee without locking anything in.

Iif its not locked in then how? its going to be flopping all over the place.

Don’t flop from side to side or jack-knife.
Due to the configuration of the swivel movement.

You should make 100 of these and start selling them.

All the advantages it has over the others.
First it can take just about any squeegee channel on the market.
(universal clamp)
Has completely different swivel movement to both Wagtail and Moerman.
Keeps even pressure on the squeegee blade no matter what angle you have the handle at.
Handle wise is also designed different, as you can hold /lightly grip many different ways as you using it as seen in video.
Also at the end handle has a Quick- LoQ connection that also take cone shaped connections.
Enabling connect to standard cone or Quick-LoQ pole connections.
Wagtail or Moerman does not do this unless you modify the tips.

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How many people lock it to a pole?

Any handle can be “gripped” differently.

I for one am interested to see the movement because I am skeptical of the difference.

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Howdy! Great work on the handles; I’d love to give those a try. Did you make the dog-eared end clips for your channels? And may I ask how? Thanks! : )