'HG (Hagesan) Window Cleaner' Soap

I’ve just started using this HG Window cleaner (manufactured in Germany I think). It’s very inexpensive, £2.99 (under $5) for 500ml. You only need a small squirt in half a bucket of water. I love it. It leaves absolutely no streaks, there’s plenty of glide for the squeegee, low suds, and the windows look very bright after you’ve finished. I’ve used a couple of different window soaps before (GG4, Ettore Squeegee off), and this is the best I’ve used. Has anyone else used HG Window Cleaner? I don’t think it’s available in the U.S.

do you have a link for it? Can it be ordered online?

Looks interesting main site is HG > Around the house and garden

North American distributor is in Canada but I do not see the window cleaner product listed, I will call them on Monday as they are only an hour away

Double post sorry

The PVC cleaner is great. Never seen the window cleaner or even find it on the link.

yea ive done some research, they don’t supply this window cleaning soap in the united states or Canada, however it may be worth contacting that distributor of HG products in Canada and ask them if they intend to start supplying it.

I called them and the first lady was very rude, told me they have suppliers and go to them and if they do not have any they can order. Not happy I called back, pressed another extension and spoke to a guy. Basically he said they have a spray cleaner but not the soap. I asked why and he said not enough demand, I mentioned there is but he said sorry I cannot help you …

well dunno what to say, that’s pathetic service really. The only other option is to contact the manufacturer and ask if there is anyway of ordering online. To be honest though it looks like a non-starter :confused: