Hg show pics

check out our booth

Looks good Dave. What kind of response and feed back did you get from the show?

it starts tomorrow till sun, this is just the set up

if you wanna see more pics go to our facebook site or wc facebook or wc.com facebook page

Gotta ask,

How did you come up with the name for your co?

i like the lions share of anything i do! haha… also just rolls of the tounge well. and our UVP was that we provide te lions share of home maintenance

Looks awesome Dave!

Good luck with it…

Will you be booking appointements there?

That is our main objective. We have a daily drawing, then a gift certificate if you sign up for an estimate, or book. Then also 2 iPads with google earth and bing pushing responsibid

Looks great Dave. Good luck. Hope you kill it this weekend.

You know all my thoughts on it. I think you’re gonna murder it. Lookin forward to hearing how you come out.

Remember not to judge it to quickly, I’m still getting calls from my show this week.

Be super-friendly, loud and funny. Extend a card to each person who walks by.

I think Wild Dave has all this down pretty well :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing how it does for ya man - good luck!!

Maaaaaattt Daaaaaaaamon

Thank you all for the encouragement. I’ve been up since 4am plowing, now off to the show. We are doing video and photos daily , I’ll keep everyone posted. LIONSSHARE ROARRRRRRRRR!!!

Great looking booth, Dave, you are going to do very well.

Dave is a loud and energetic, keeping an audience won’t be an issue.

Let us know how you make out.

The glass renu demos have been vetoed. For some reason its scaring people when they see window cleaning and I’m being the framed glass grinding on it. We have switched over to cleaning our framed 5x4 slider over and over. 4 estimates so far, show is deader then a graveyard, snow all morning, and it’s 1st day… Did I mention we will NEVER do snow removal again? One of those things you have to be there for, guys slack if I’m not around. Time for a 5 hour energy. I’ll keep you guys posted.