Hi everyone!

Another newbie here. Found your fantastic site quite by accident. So much useful info here, so glad i found it.

Have been window cleaning for about 20 years now as a sideline. Always looking to increase both the quality of my work and quantity as well. This site appears to have the info to help me with quality for sure, but…

Most of my business has come through satisfied customers ‘word of mouth’.

Would like to get anyone’s take on the effectiveness of posting flyers to drum up new business or what you have found to be the most effective.

Great to be here and thanks very much.

Word of mouth is great because it is FREE! I love those referrals. I have not advertised in a while so I can’t offer you any advice on flyers.

There are a lot of experienced windows cleaners on here that can offer their advice.

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Hey Mike Welcome.

Hi! Welcome. :slight_smile:

Mike! Welcome!

@Pure Water Window Cleaning

I grew up in Montreal, now in Saskatchewan

Hey cool! I’m downtown on the edge of Pointe Ste-Charles & Griffin Town. There is so much new construction happening right now. Our condominium complexes have doubled in 2 years and there’s more coming! So many dirty windows!

Which part of town you from?

@Pure Water Window Cleaning

Thanks for answering back, so nice to hear from a fellow Montrealer. I grew up in I guess what you would call the east end - I believe it’s now referred to as the Latin quarter (Ontario street near St Andre), near the Berri metro. When I left in the early 80’s things weren’t going so well. Glad to see my Montreal is thriving once again.

Ya, I know the area. It’s funny, things are thriving like crazy with outside $$ but the city is crumbling at the same time. Every few months a bridge or something falls apart and crushes someone. The Mafia runs the town still but there’s a sense of calm. We’ll see how long it last until another street war.

If you’re ever passing through, shoot me a note and we’ll get a coffee & talk biz.

Welcome, Mikee.

Hello everyone! I have been reading every post for the past few months and appreciate everything everyone has to say! I am done procrastinating and got my first two jobs on tues and wed. Tuesday is a friends house (but he’s paying me) and wed is the real deal. I put an add on Craigslist for 20 windows for $169 ( I don’t want to be a Craigslist lowballer). The nice lady called me and I didn’t know what to say! I wasn’t sure what questions to ask her, I’m afraid I sounded inexperienced. Anyway, time to get the gear together and take the plunge! Kinda nervous, any suggestions???


Welcome to the forum. Agree that word of mouth is like gold. We have never posted fliers so can’t comment. Our most effective marketing has been door to door cards.

No reason to be nervous. You will be fine. It takes some time to get confidence. I’m happy for you. Go get em.

Hello and welcome.

Woo hoo! It begins!


Ok, so I have the first few jobs under my belt and everything went great! I have around $2,000 saved up that I can put towards the business. Everything that I read makes me think that WFP is the way to go. Is there a system that is in my budget and could fit into a Toyota Camry?? Is there anyone selling used WFP’s?? Thanks for your help’