Hi Flo hose

In addition to hi flo hose would it help to have the holes on a rinse bar, or jets larger?

Help in what way? Larger jets will only mean more water on the glass if the Jets are so small, they are not allowing all the water to go through. That is not the case usually.
Most city water systems provide water at about 60 to 70 PSI. Most of these systems run the water underground so they are on the way and in colder climates. This keeps the water from freezing through the winter meeting at the water temperature throughout the year Is relatively constant here in Winnipeg. It’s usually between 60 and 70° F.
In those or similar conditions, most single ro sold for window cleaners will provide about a half gallon or 2 L per minute which is plenty for most brushes on the market.
The problem comes in between the RO and the Jets. In the RO The water is pushed through the system freely until it hits the waste water valve. When the wastewater valve is closed down The pressure builds up and some of the water is forced through the membrane and comes out the permit hole but at a much lower volume and pressure.
Now you have to get it to the brush and out the Jets. The longer and skinnier your hose, the The harder that becomes. You can add a booster pump before your RO, which will increase the amount of permanent water your RO provides, and it will also slightly increase the pressure after the RO, which will improve flow. Or you can run a demand pump after the RO (yes, you can do this, even without a holding tank). Or You can run a fatter, shorter hose into a holding tank and then pump it to your brush This is how most of my jobs are done truck is filled up and brushes are run through and agricultural sprayer pump 2.2 gallons per minute up to 60 or 70 psi but that is way too much. Each pump has either an electri Flow controller, or the pressure regulator set to about 30 to 35 psi.
All of those things require additional equipment so if you’re running directly from an RO, the simplest thing is to increase the diameter of your hose, which will allow more water to get to your brush.