Hi... New Guy To Forum Here.... Question: Residential vs Commercial

[FONT=“Times New Roman”][COLOR=#000000]Hi everyone my name is Mike… from Niagara Falls.

We’ve been cleaning windows for about 15 years, we have focused mostly onresidential, we do some commercial but limited… we have found commercialextremely competitve and at times cut throat. If anyone can suggest how andwhat type commercial accounts that would be more profitable… please let meknow.

I look forward to getting to know my new friends on this forum…

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Welcome, Mike. Ontario or NY? I don’t know if it’s the same up your way, buy I have better success with the Mom and Pop jobs. They seem to be more in a position to “afford” the true value you would offer as opposed to the lowest priced service which may be low in real value. Or, if you’re ambitious, check some of Ron Musgrave’s threads on landing some big ones and also getting your price.

Welcome Mike.


Welcome aboard!! Great place to gather, share, and learn!!

BTW - One of my favorite towns is just North of you: Niagra-On-The-Lake. :slight_smile: