High Ballers?!

Odd and funny and no offence intended here, but I thought about doing the same thing in reverse. There are several companies that charge $5 for any window. I give away a lot of biz to my buddies in the area when I can’t get to them and thought a separate company marketed in a different way would reap different returns maybe not as profitable but non the less profitable. There are many ways to skin a cat and the skinner can choose his own method. Go for it!!

There’s more than one type of customer.

It all depends on your area. $20 a window in Georgetown will not cut it in SE DC, where you would be lucky to get $4 maybe??? and that is only a couple of miles away.The market dictates the price, try not to sell yourself short.

I am aware of that fact however I think $20 per window is the most ANYBODY would pay in my area, that’s all I was saying. This is of course my opinion of my area based on my experience. If I am wrong and actaully can charge $20 per window (or more) I will be stoked.

Even if I could get $20 a window in SE, I wouldn’t go there. I’ll leave that area to you.:slight_smile: I stick to the Burbs.

I will charge $20 per double hung [B]with[/B] storms, but never a regular window.

I also know that I am hearing from the people that thought the company was too high or that they were not worth it, not their current customers. That is irrelevant as this post is not me griping about this company, just stating the facts.

I never get wrapped up in my competition. I do not care if they charge $20 per window or $2 per window. I care about what my market can bear and how much fruit is on the tree. Because a company is charging a lot does not mean they are doing well… I have noticed deep cuts in their marketing.

See the forest through the trees.

The burbs are definitely better. One could easily get “lost” in some areas of DC.

The reason I mention that you are not hearing from their current, or satisfied customers, is that those customer are the ones that keep the company in business. It is also possible that the deep cuts in marketing are a result of the company hitting a plateau. Therefore less of a need for marketing.

Are you in the DC area?

Plateau? they just franchised and now have many mouths to feed. Believe me, they want more phone calls.

by the way, most companies usually do not plateau, they get bigger. One and two man operations plateau, these guys got 50+ cleaners.

ever try to stay that busy?

This has been an enjoyable thread to read…

Charging maximum prices for minimum work is every business person’s goal.

The irony is that the price of $260 for that house may not even be the highest that someone else within the same demographic has paid. Perhaps not by a long shot.

I have come across people expecting prices between $2,000 - $3,000 for window cleaning, when the estimate I give them is $300. Some folks are simply unaware of any existing ‘market’, or have so much money that they truly don’t care enough to find out.

I wish all my customers were these kind of people!

I am totally for charging maximum prices, my problem i have with my competitor is he charges maximum prices (good for him) and then shows up when he wants to, never answers calls, his staff provide only mediocre window cleaning. I have been steadily raising my prices this year generally now to making $100/hr + on most residential jobs. And my goal is to keep it rising. But at the same time I offer my clients their moneys worth too. Its really the little things that count to alot of folks. cleaning the tracks out properly, not dripping on the floor/rugs. not just washing the window, but removing every single speck of dirt on it. I am a perfectionist, and well i’m really starting to charge the price that that is worth.
Sure i lose out on some jobs or have people shop around after my estimate and call me back trying to bring my price down, but the jobs I do get, make up for the waste of time at the one i didn’t get. More $$$—less work…sounds good to me!


Are they busy or not?

Amen :slight_smile:

me too!

I always hear “is that all? are you sure?”. I do not bid low, believe me. I make $100-$120 an hour most of the time.

The truth about the company that is charging this is that they must be getting it. Sure they send some people running, but that is not who they want. They want the “is that all?” crowd.

Less volume and more margin

I don’t know. I see they started competing on Google again and started with the street signs. (the signs were everywhere last year) I know they are concerned to stay busy, who’s not.

Maybe they just kick back and get all their business from their website, I hear that is the way to go…

Your website says MOST houses start at $59.99 for the window bath which includes INSIDE AND OUT.

can you explain how you do these houses in 30 minutes?

something isn’t adding up

that is for “the constant shine program”, not a regular cleaning

is that monthly cleaning?