High end clients

I have an idea: I guess we are all trying to look and do best but
What if I started another window cleaning business,under a different name and had rates 2-3 times the norm.; have a top notch website and other advertising with some fancy pants, descriptive wording about my service:; have a superclean vehicle dressed imacculately (practically new looking clothes and shiny shoes) used dropcloths everywhere,etc etc. put on a real good show; would this work?
They seem to pay high prices for artwork or furnishings so why cant they pay for high end service?
Anybody try this.
Kevin D. marketing concepts got me started thinking of this.

Why would you start a separate company for this?

Yeah, id have to agree…why not incorporate those ideas into the wc biz you have now?

Would this be in an area where nobody knows you yet?

I’ve thought of the opposite. Going out and buying a cheap vehicle and getting another DBA, and then just hammering out a bunch of volume with no guarantee on quality and see if pure volume at super low prices could get me into homes that I couldn’t currently get into at my prices. The work would have to be quick and never cover the same ground twice (like for detailing, or going back over glass with a razor)… but honestly, I don’t think I could get myself to do it for any period of time. I’d end up having a major meltdown. It’s not in my genes to operate that way.

But I think it could be (and has been) done successfully. You’d have to manage a bunch of crews and really drop that price into the a range where just about anyone could afford it to truly get the volume. If anyone tries it, I’d love to know how it works out.

I know someone who is trying this out right now I believe…

I wouldnt be able to charge super high prices on my current residentials. I’d lose them. I suppose I could offer 2 or 3 different grades of service and they could pick which one,but most would never choose the premium knowing they paid much less. That’s I would try sort of like a high grade specialty service. Seems to me there are some people out there that really like precision work and will pay for it. Just kind brainstorming here.

I’d suggest a separate entity.

It could be grandfathered in, but I think it would be better as distinct.

I’ve been thinking about the same thing, actually… super-duper high end, like I’ll show up in a Benz and use cashmere instead of hucks. Use soap made of real whale blubber instead of Dawn and charge out the wazoo for it. Well, not to that extreme, but I do agree, if the market is there for it, it can’t hurt to throw up another website and get another DBA for a year or 2 and see if it flies.

Chris your link in your sig is broken, typo.

THanks, the first link is actually a site I’m launching this week, nothing there yet. Just pre-seo-ing it :slight_smile:

You can check out Triple C Professional Window Cleaning of Northern NJ or [URL=“http://www.triplecnj.com”]Triple C Professional Window Cleaners of Central NJ

EDIT: You’re right, I misspelled Montclair, good catch bro, thanks!

Id go for it…

Are high-end clients always worth it? That’s the question I ask myself. Sure you may get paid more but is it worth the hassle. I guess it depends on your personality. If dealing with very picky people doesn’t bother you that much and you feel it is worth the money, than go for it. However, if it is not worth the extra money to you than why do it? Money isn’t everything. I view myself as a trader. I trade window cleaning for money. If the trade becomes less attractive by having to deal with other annoyances than I consider that to be a bad trade. After all life is to short to hate what you are doing. Money can’t remedy everything.

I find that the more money my clients have the less picky they generally are.

Is there a way to double or triple like that?! Amen Brotha!

I really like Curt’s idea! It would almost be like creating the Wal-Mart of window cleaning.
My only question to Curt, and anybody else interested in the idea, would be how and where
do you advertise? You don’t want to advertise the same locations as your regular locations
because wouldn’t you be bidding against yourself, which means the cheaper service wins out?

Or MAYBE you could direct mail the “city” routes (the one’s that are mostly ranch homes with
storms etc.) with your cheap service and direct mail the “rural” routes (high end suburbs etc)
with your current service?!?

In my experience with high end clients is they already have their windows cleaned and are somewhat
aware of what it costs to have their windows cleaned. I know you are going to tell me, “but ask them
why they are looking to switch service”. Yes they could be switching bc of bad service, which then
I could say, “Well you pay a little more with me but you have my 100% guarantee”.

I dunno, in my mind these clients know what it costs to have their windows cleaned and you are going
to have a harder time convincing them to pay $800 instead of $400.

I think in the long run you might have better profits going with the cheaper service for a cheaper price.

BTW I like Kevin’s work and know he teaches the opposite, I just don’t completely agree on this one.

We do a alot of high end.

First off, It begins with your attitude, If you are jealous of them or their money or stuff…forget it…you will choke…(A friend of mine who cleans windows all ways talks bad about them and is jealous, it shows.) Meet them on their level, Be on time, show respect, and charge for your expertise, be confident.

2nd you make more per job, you have a better chance for upsells. If you do a good job, they will refer you to their friends because they are looking for someone they can trust and not rip them off.

I would much rather be the Bugatti of window cleaning than the wal mart!!

There is a shady area here as well. There was a guy in our town who owned two truck mount carpet cleaners. Both vans had different company names and phone numbers. One was “high end” the other was not. When someone would call one company for a bid, he would give them one over the phone. If they did not accept his bid he would tell them about “another company” that did work for a little less money. Of course his other phone line would ring and his wife would then give a bid to them slightly lower than the one her husband had just given. Once the community found out about his sales tactic he went out of business.

Thats unethical IMO… and the market reflected that. Luxury homes are a great way to go and soon all you’ll want is luxury homes. I was doing one today and thinking the same thing. I have 1 company that services all types of homes, once I have enough i would considering marketing myself specifically to them. There are a couple out here that do it and it’s a crowded market, but theres more than one way to gain a customer :slight_smile:

+1 agree with all of that, the only thing I would add, is that I have not found hi-end clients to be much more fussy than any other, they do expect you to be polite and professional and show respect for them and their property, but thats good business practice wherever you are working