High interior work......Mr.squeegee less?

So I find myself having to bring my ladders inside alot. I do quite a bit of high end residential work and HATE having to do it. I bought a little giant for this reason but even still its just not cool bringing it into these types of homes…Or any for that matter. I have done some, but not alot of pole work and have little confidence in my ability to achieve great results. Commercial work I feel like I get by with it but not so much in these multi million dollar homes. I know I will get better in time and that practice makes perfect but that doesnt do me much good for me this season! Im wondering how many of you use the mr. squeegee less or similar system? And how do they work for that matter. Im loving my pure water wfp work this season and would love to bring that idea inside!! Any thoughts would be appreciated.:smiley:

I’m curious as well how it works for people. I hadn’t even heard of it untill Daniel posted about it this morning.

Those are the reasons I made the Mr Squeegee-Less. It’s not for every situation but on high interior windows you’ve gotten in shape and are just doing a light cleaning on then it can be a useful tool in your arsenal.

Im wondering how to go about supplying pure water to it. I dont have a backpack but im wondering if you can get enough pressure out of a pump sprayer like you would use for applying awning cleaner. And what about the pads? do you need to have a bunch on hand to be safe?

Tony do you have any videos of it in use?

Videos will be done this Spring, Nate.
Advanced - you can use a pump up sprayer for sure. The system utilizes a misting nozzle so it’s low water use.


I guess my only question I have left is in regards to the "light"aspect. Im dealing with amazing homes that are very clean and well taken care of. Cleaning lady the whole nine… But alot of them are first time customers. The windows probebly havnt been done in a while but by no means are they heavily soiled. I would think that with pure water, a little elbo grease, and maybe a white pad from time to time I would be fine.

I’d agree w/ that.

I’ve got nothing against the Mr. Squeegee-Less, but what’s so bad about bringing ladders into a high end house?

I use a 12 foot stepladder, a pole, an Unger Swivel Lock, and a flexi clamp. Good results so far. I keep my ladder clean. No one wants a dirty ladder inside their house. I keep the ladder a good distance away from the window so I can get the right angle on the glass. If the ladder is pressed up against the wall, you can’t get the right angle unless you want to go all the way up to the window and get nose to glass - for that, you will want a shorter extension ladder with stand offs or a sectional.

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Nothing wrong with it… though not having to carry a heavy ladder into someone’s home, or not having to worry about knocking something over with a swinging ladder, or not having to worry about falling off the ladder, or not having to worry about scuffing up the wall… no nothing wrong with a ladder at all.

Personally I would rather just quietly walk in with a pole and do it from the ground if the results are good as nose to glass.

Btw- sorry for the mega run-on sentence.

Get a wagtail and get practicing. It’s probably the most versatile squeegee in the world especially for pole work. The new slimline ones are fantastic when coupled with a proper chanel equiped with cliped ends (or just shove clips in the wagtail chanel as i do). Dont bother with the flipper jiggy, the mop just gets in the way, a swivel tbar is a better option. I can do 90% of jobs with this set up, 95% if you add in the angle arm. It’s interior glass, so unless there has been recent painting or something, there isnt much likely hood of anything other than dust being on the windows.

If I don’t win one, I think I’ll buy one;)

In my opinion the disadvantages of bringing ladders inside homes are obvious. The risk of bumping something like a wall or door on the way in is always there, even if you are carefull.I usually work alone so its very much an issue for me. It hasnt happend to me yet but ide love to make sure it never does. Also ive have on more than one occasion move furniture to be able to get a ladder in a safe position. Im 5’8" so step ladders usually arent enough to get me up to where I need to be. Im talking about those windows in great rooms that are 20 feet up or so. Not to mension the simple time saving factor, and safety issues. If you can aviod it than why wouldnt ya? Most all of us are turning towards wfp for that same reason.

Extension poles and squeegees are one way around the problem as are the indoor pure water ideas. Im looking to save time as much as anything here. I like the suggestion of the wagtail idea. I agree very much with the fact that I need to keep practicing my pole work. But during my work day is deffinetly not the time to do so. With all do respect I posted looking for some helpful feedback on the Mr. squeege-less system. Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated…

A benefit of the Mr Squeegee-Less over poling is that it leaves no mess on the sill.

Another downfall imo to poling indoors is just that, the mess that it leaves behind. Unless you clean up all the water left behind it could cause damage to wood work or simply drip down after a while onto that guzzillion dollar carpet they might have. Provided it does indeed produce a clean window I think its a tool you really shouldnt go without. I imagine it must work based on the idea of it. Besides your responces I have never heard anything about it good or bad. Never the less it will deff be on my next order. As will my aguadapter…I love new tools!!:slight_smile:

So how do you clean the sill if your using a pole from the ground?

Ettore clamp at the end of the pole, with two hucks hanging out. Kinda like a mop.

I flop a micro fiber towel over a 12" squeegee and use that to get the sills wiped.Its slow but it does the trick.