High-Rise Bidding Help

I am proud to say that I have finally graduated from the ground floors and will be doing my first high-rise building (hopefully!). I just got insured and I am following all of the correct safety requirements by my city.

I have opened a company called Superhero Window Washing in Fayetteville, AR. We wear superhero costumes at 90% of our commercial clients and about 30% of our resi’s. I have been playing with our harnesses and rapelling equipment and have been asked to give a bid on the tallest building in town, The Ball Building. I am very excited and honored to have the opportunity to clean such a staple in our community. But I am having some trouble coming up with an accurate number. There is around 750 windows and 25-30 drops. Can anyone give me some useful advice? I cannot post any links or pictures because this is my first official post to the site. Just type in “Ball building fayetteville ar” in Google and you will get the idea. Thanks guys!

Your best bet is look for public bid results online for other high rise buildings in your city (city hall, statehouse, etc). Don’t ask, just make a pot of coffee, and start with Google. You can extrapolate per drop or per pane prices this way, for your city. You may be surprised at what your competitors are charging. This isn’t residential, so throw out that customer psychology when bidding. Hope it goes well

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