High Rise Employee looking to open own business

I have 4 years of high rise window cleaning experience in Toronto and I’m looking to open my own business. Any tips or suggestions?

Get out of highrise?

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Aww come on J it ain’t that bad?

It ain’t that bad, but generally has the lowest profit margins.

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I’d personally rip through a grip of local markets and introduce yourself. Restaurants, local businesses, real estate and property management offices. High end hair salons.

The latter few will lead to residential customers if you want to get into that. Make sure your work on those accounts are on point.

It’s important to be super sexy, so use a smaller squeegee on those hair salon and property folk’s places so you make a good impression.

Just be good to everyone, proactive, and enjoy it. You will do well.

Your question is broad, so I’m just giving you my personal experience…

If you don’t have residential experience, I would do sub work for companies that are looking for help. Work with many different veterans to learn with. No one other than those that are in the industry generally cares about why striping occurs because of a seal rupture on a retarded IGU with Low Z glass.

That being said, this place will keep you ALIVE.

So you do a job slower coz being inefficient looks sexy, wow…

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It’s important to get into it. Flow with that squeegee while listening to Enigma to entrance those who are getting their hair cut. They will jump out of the salon with exuberant vibrancy asking for their windows to shine.