High rise liability insurance

I own my own company and currently I am doing three stories commercial only. My Background is in high rise rope work and I can’t find liability ins $1mln/$2mln for high rise (30 stories) for less than $50k is that just the going rate or is there anything cheaper? Any help is appreciated.

Hey Pap-Man I pay around 1600 a year for up to 2 mil and floors to the highest !


Mr. Dangerous,

Thanks so much for the info, if you could put me in contact with your ins co I would def appreciate it! I am a vet when it comes to the industry just not so much in the “running the business side.” Certified with IWCA etc. So don’t worry I won’t be tying off to a hand rail!

thanks again

My agent is here in Washington IPFS Corporation, but the insurance is through Scottsdale Insurance Company in Scottsdale AZ. Here’s their # 1-800-423-7675…Now I’m self employed and so it only covers just me but I’m sure if you have employees it cost more…Let me know if you can get through ! You can get my email over on my personal page. Good Luck