High School Quote... little help here

I got a call earlier this week to come quote a local High School. He said they were having hard time finding anyone who cleans over 2 stories. I explained that we would use water fed poles to reach the upper windows. There will be some inside atrium work that will require a lift, which I have never priced before, and a little bit of roof work. Whoever designed this building really really really likes windows since there are over 4200 windows total. Its ridiculous really and he thinks so too. Anyway, it is well known that the public school budget for our small town got slashed this year and he mentioned the budget was a mess right now, but the school needs to be cleaned. These pictures show the front side of the building, there are as many if not more on the backside. If we get the job we will break it down into much smaller jobs and spread it out over a couple months per year. Any advice? Recommendations? I’m not going to concern myself with their budget. They can either afford me or they can’t but someone signed off on a glass house in the high desert so they’re going to pay to get it cleaned.


This area worries me. The pro-panel is ~20’ off the ground and there are no tie offs unless I tie off to the lower rail, but I don’t know if it is safe.

What’s the pitch? To me it looks walkable. Metal roof?

That’s a big one. Hope you have help.

I’m guessing 15-20 degrees. Here is a better picture. Its definitely doable, but is it worth the risk without a tie in?

For the job. Yes. Imo. Depends on who you ask…


It will be me and one other depending on how we schedule it.


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That’s one you don’t want to lose.


It breaks down like this: 7 buildings
A- 2,659 windows
B- 400 Windows(Lift and roof work)
C- 88 Windows
D- 352 Windows
E- 257 Windows
F- 268 Windows (Lift and roof work)
G- 197 Windows

I’m thinking:
A- $5,500 broken down into 3 days (hopefully)
B and F- $2,900 total, scheduled together for lift work (Price includes lift, but may change depending on cost)
C and D- $750 total, scheduled together
E and G- $850 total, scheduled together

The only caveat is my equipment. JaredAI had a great idea I wish I had thought of. I need to take a range finder out there and see how tall everything is. Hopefully my 50’ Supermax is long enough.

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Seems for the $ on that job, you’d buy whatever it took. Not a wfp guy yet, but I’d avoid using it on that metal roof.

Backside for those who are following this topic.


One other concern… the building engineer mentioned they’ve had ongoing issues with windows moving in their frames. They get the occasional call from teachers about wind blowing through their classrooms. So they have to go in and suction cup the window and sort of shimmy it back into place.

How do I protect myself from a window leaking with the WFP and or becoming dislodged when I clean it. I’d hate to be responsible for a window falling out because the building is settling.

It’s likely that the most responsible thing to do in terms of hazard reduction is to barricade the area, or just make sure that it’s done on a weekend, or at least when there isn’t anyone around. Communication seems pretty important between you the facilities manager.

Also, I’d be writing down the date and time you spoke to that building engineer, along with what he said and his/her full name if you can get it. Document everything. In the event of the worst case scenario, that note that took you 2 minutes to write down could be extremely helpful to a lawyer.

EDIT: Massive job by the way. You must be cheering!

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Cheering and shaking in my boots. Its huge, but its worth it in terms of revenue and the learning process if I get it. Thanks!

For measuring big jobs I use this: Leica Disto D7500i

It’s not cheap but makes life much easier and it uses bluetooth to send the measurements to my iPad. This is invaluable to me. The other great feature is my iPad measuring app allows me to capture a picture and add the measurements onto it. From here I can export a PDF and send it over to the client with our proposal.

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Your doing in and outside right? Have your helper on the inside to monitor (and alert you :wink:) for leaky windows or anything getting janky.

All the main buildings will be outside only. The only inside windows will be in the atrium areas where a lift will be needed.

Well how did the job go? Love going through these older forums

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