High Shine Window Cleaning Ultra Concentrate

Been using it for a week on my route. Virtually no film, plenty of slip even on hydrophobic glass, no bleed, good suds like Fairy or Dawn, leaves a perfect clean with a brilliant shine. I tested it on my most problematic windows for filming. Not cheap however. But personally I like pricey toys and tools. There is no competition with this product. It is ten times more concentrated than products like Dawn. I put one quick squirt in a two gallon bucket then I just keep refilling with water all day.


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Simple. They are usually unique and have better features.

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Any way to buy some?


Yep. In a five gallon pail for about 85 to 90 bux a gallon. That is about 22.50 a quart. But remember it is ten times more concentrated than Dawn. I think 32 ounces of Dawn cost more than 2.25. This is a silicon based surfactant. Not carbon based. The window cleaning manufacturers really cannot commercialize these products because of wholesale cost being too much. The end retail would be way out of sight.

I am writing a newsletter again Jordie. Called simply “The Mirror”. Most of the products I am testing are not available through the distribution network for window cleaners. Most including this one are available as a small sample. Then if you like you will have to buy the larger five gallon pail quantity.

Get ready for hundreds of brand new products.

Email me at henrygroverjr@gmail.com if you want to know more