High TDS . What is high?

My tanks went from 30 tds on the first job today to 168 tds on the second job. Same city water , I was using. The windows seemed fine on the second job

Question: Is 50 tds and under pure water and if so How did I get good results with 168 tds? I use two tanks , a cation and a ation.

I know I need to regen my tanks. But Im amazed at the results with a reading of 168 tds. Please advise


I’m amazed too!! I try to stop when the reading is 10tds. I did one job where the water coming out of the tap was 1270tds and it burned thru the tank fast. After the last window I checked and the tds was 68. I checked later and it was fine but I was worried. Are you sure your meter is calibrated correctly?

I only let mine get up to 10. I double DI and carry 500L of water with me. My home TDS is 50-65 !! If i used it from the tap it would spot for sure.


Did your tanks fall over in transit?

I’ll give anyone a free scrim if they can beat my city water tds from the tap :slight_smile:

Whatcha got?


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The best I could do was the previous post of 1270tds. Do I get a consolation prize?:smiley:

what is your incoming tds? I have cleaned windows with a 50 tds in the past and they came out fine 40 tds is the max for spot free water, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get spots with lower or high tds it will depend on what’s in the water (what kind of tds you have)

I’d really like to know what the max is on the tds for cleaning. I’ve also got away with 50 tds - it was a mistake due to contaminated barrels, but no spots.

The max will always depend on the minerals in the water. Some people get spots with 10 tds and others go as high as 50 tds without getting any spots. The only way to know for sure would be to get a water test.

Bill what then causes spots? What minerals in water wont cause spots?

different minerals will causes spot and some will read as tds, but will not spot at all. For exp. iron has many forms some will stain and some need o2 to turn in to a partical to stain. you never know what is in the water you are using. there is just to many to start to list.

I didnt realize this Bill. I appreciate you explaining.

Mine is 026.

Depending on which way we look at it, my water beats your water. :smiley:

You could put that straight on the windows from the hosepipe :stuck_out_tongue:

Larry has all the luck!

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