Highrise / New York Work Question

Hi my main question is how would I go about starting a window cleaning company in New York or in a high-rise type of location.

I am currently doing work in NY as a sub for a cleaning company and that got me thinking how / where do I start to get work in a state such as NY.

We may be able to land more jobs through this cleaning company but where would I start?

I’m currently just doing residential and storefronts / smallerish commercial in NJ.

If I have an LLC in NJ does that transfer to NY or would I have to register a company in NYC, get insurance, workers comp, vehicle insurance?

How would I go about leads. My father works for a highrise company in NY so he knows how the scaffolds / boom trucks / safety regulations more or less work but how would I go about starting a company in NY or in any highrise location?

Any input appreciated.

From what I understand you do not need to register a separate business entity in NYC as much as you need to make sure your insurance and workers comp are valid there.

Also, NYC highrise is a whole different ballgame than New Jersey. If our Dad is in highrise, you should see if he has anyone who is willing to “sponsor” your activities in NYC. The teamsters will flip a sh%t on you if you’re not involved with the unions or on “their turf”, as well as other unsavory individuals who may want the work.

This may not affect you as a small company, but if you decide to grow people are going to notice and you need to be prepared for it. Thats one of the main reasons (aside from traffic) that we wont go into the City, or even Hudson County for that matter.

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