Highrise WC fall and death in Irvine CA

Wife is at her office on the 7th floor of a building in Irvine CA, said a window cleaner fell from above their floor and died. One of the girls she works with saw him or her pass in front of her window. Not finding anything on the local news as of yet.

Ah man that sucks! What building does your wife work in?

The WATG Building just North of the Spectrum Center.

I know where your talking about.

That’s so sad to hear…

Agreed very sad, the building has kind of like steps on the 2 sides then the center of the building is the tallest. There was a breeze south of there today don’t know if wind was a factor up north. Looks like it may be chair work as it does not look practical any other way, will have to ask wife when she gets home.

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dont know if this is it
someone posted this on twitter

Wife is hearing mixed reports may have been a maintenance guy. Not sure it was a WC, High security access to building and floors (She has access to her floor and ground floor only it is pretty tight there). Being investigated as a suicide.