Hiring a Large Commercial Supervisor in AZ - Great Opportunity!

Professional Window Cleaning is currently accepting applications from window cleaning professionals that stand out above the rest.

We are an Arizona company that provides consistent year-round work with favorable weather and working conditions.

The position we are accepting applications for is:
Field Supervisor for Large Commercial Accounts.

This position is a 3rd shift / night position and your main responsibility will be to plan, manage and complete the ultimate window cleaning contract in the State of Arizona.

The best applicants for this job are individuals who have the highest skill set in commercial window cleaning utilizing various tools & equipment. Operating boom, aerial, & scissor lifts is a must. The ability to balance their daily schedule and have healthy sleeping habits to accommodate night shift work is essential.

This position is looking for an applicant with a very strong work ethic, excellent leadership skills, someone that can manage all types of personalities and respond positively to all members in their team, whom are team oriented, and have a friendly demeanor that strive for excellence, passion, and integrity in all they do.

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. No felonies - Must be able to pass a FBI in depth background check.
  2. Must be 100% Drug Free - Applicant must pass an observed full panel drug test.
  3. Must be able to handle 3rd shift schedule (9pm - 6am) and switching to daytime schedule periodically.
  4. Must be physically fit, have excellent endurance fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. This position requires a lot of physical endurance.
  5. Must be a strong leader and be able to manage people effectively. Must have the ability to delegate, motivate and keep boundaries with your team.
  6. Effective and positive communication must be your strong suit!

Effective communication with this high level of a position is vital to your longevity and success in this position. Thorough & constant communication with customer, communication with management team, communication with each team member, and communication with your employer are vital to this position! Extensive documentation after you complete your shift is required. (you may work up to a 9-10 hour shifts due to the documentation and communication aspect of this position)

  1. The ability and skill to clean glass at night with only the use of lights (no sunlight).

Visit our website or contact me to see PAY RATE, MORE INFORMATION, and APPLICATION.

Does the applicant have to be “large”, or will a medium-sized supervisor be ok?

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Out of curiosity, what is the pay for this position. I am assuming it should be pretty good with what you are looking for.

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Do not have to be LARGE :smile:
The job is demanding, so smaller, medium or large is just fine!

We have budgeted to pay $45-$55k + moving expenses + company truck, phone, paid vacation, 1 week paid PTO. It all really depends on experience.

Not trying to derail your post but the requirement for night time work piqued my curiosity. I’m really curious to learn what percentage of our WC work is done with no sunlight.

I’m in Alaska so I do a bit of storefront with no sunlight in the winter, which is actually pretty easy due to frequency of cleans and familiarity with the accounts. I have very little demand for redo and offices in the winter so I can usually do them during daylight hours.