Hiring a Supervisor

I’m interested to know what other window cleaners and pressure washers do to fill their Supervisor positions? We typically would promote from within the company, but a lot of my guys are great techs yet lack the qualifications needed to be a successful Supervisor.

Where do you go to hire a Supervisor? And have you had any problems with your current employees when you have hire for the Supervisor position?

So far we have promoted from within, but we are growing and I can see I’ll need another Supervisor soon, but I don’t have anyone qualified within the company now. Any ideas how to solve this?

I’d say just look for them online such as indeed or something.
What will the supervisor be responsible for?
I’m just curious

The supervisor is responsible for:

  • Dispatches crews.
  • Trains new employees.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction
  • Handles customer complaints.
  • Ensures pressure washing and water-fed pole equipment are maintained.
  • Ensures that the technicians finish work orders on time.
  • Oversees tool room equipment (assigns special tools when needed, e.g. disinfection foggers, vacuums, large WFP’s).
  • Ensures technicians maintain their trucks and keep them clean.
  • Oversees the schedule and manpower for his routes.
  • Process day-off requests from technicians.
  • Daily records attendance for his technicians.
  • Handles disciplinary steps for employees (e.g. poor performance or attendance)
  • Performs annual performance review for all of his technicians including recommended pay adjustments.
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How many crews do you have?
And how many supervisors are you looking to hire?