Hiring for Santa Rosa, Ca - Sonoma, Napa Counties

We are looking for a seasoned window cleaner. One who knows the ins and outs of the cleaning industry?

Everything needs to be cleaned
Within the cleaning industry, there is fierce competition. More than 50 franchise brands offer office cleaning, home cleaning or carpet cleaning. About the only segment of the popular cleaning industry that isn’t crowded with franchise systems is residential window cleaning.

A Healthy and growing industry
Windows, decks, gutters and sidewalks get dirty no matter what the economy does. People who value a clean home continue to spend on maintaining and caring for their largest investment. Because of this, window cleaning can be a highly recession-resistant industry that can’t be outsourced overseas and won’t fall victim to automation

More time for everyone
The window cleaning, window tinting and pressure washing industry offers other advantages. Unlike commercial janitorial and carpet cleaning franchises that require evening and weekend work, residential cleaning is typically performed Monday through Friday, 9 to 5.

Becoming a Window Cleaning Expert
We are looking for hardworking, self-motivated and reliable individuals to join our team. Window cleaning is a physical labor job that requires a lot of detail and technical skill. We need you to help us shine!

We start at $12hr for newbees. $20 for a seasoned worker that can show he can work on his own without any training.

Apply Here https://the-window-cleaning-specialists.careerplug.com/account

Contact me at 707-690-0298 Aaron

Forgive any ignorance in this, I don’t have employees presently; but are $12 per hour and $20 per hour for unskilled and skilled labor respectively appropriate wages?

I ask because our local Walmart starts folks out at $13.50 per hour with PTO building after the first month. :thinking: (Nephews first job)

And for the skilled position, I wonder, if someone is proficient enough to work without training, why work for $20 per hour when one could bucket bob it for $50 per hour?

Unless there are benefits or something not mentioned.
Again, I’m not up on employees, hence the questions.

Those are good questions! It’s difficult to staff in this industry, well, any industry that is entry level, no degree required, and at times offers fresh starts for those that have made poor life choices in their past. $12 can be fair for beginners esp with an increase available as they’re producing more. $20/hr = 40k/yr basically, so for those that aren’t driven or visionaries, or maybe their spouse has a great paying job, or any other reason that they don’t want to wear all hats as an owner/operator type, it’s not bad at all. Best of luck hiring!

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Because some just need supervision and do not have the skills to be even the bucket bob. Some just want to work and not sell. lol